Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crepes, Surf's Up, Barbara's Fish Trap, Adobo, Fire, Charades

June 30, 2011
The next day we woke up to the smell of crepes. My mom always makes crepes when we visit or she comes to see us. We also shared some of the Danish pastries we picked up in Solvang and some yummy muffins Teela made: raspberry macadamia and banana ginger chocolate chip.

After breakfast we went to Montara beach to watch Teela and her boyfriend Paul surfing. Paul is really into it, Teela just started. The kids had fun playing in the sand and running away from the waves. We forbade them from getting in the water because there is a very dangerous undertow there. There were a lot of jellyfish washed up on the shore. I was showing one to Ian and he squished his fingers through it as he picked it up. Blargh!

My mom treated us to lunch at:

Barbara’s Fish Trap
Princeton by the Sea
281 Capistrano Road
Half Moon Bay, CA 94018
(650) 728-7049

The place was super busy, cash only, and the waitress was kind of crabby and kept saying, “If everyone could stay behind the captain!” We ordered our food to go and ate it outside on some tables overlooking the water where a bunch of boats were docked. We ordered clam chowder, corn fritters, fish and chips, calamari, and crab cakes. Everything (except the clam chowder) was deep fried and delicious. The clam chowder was awesome. It tasted really fresh and did not have any milk fat in it, a change from the usual clam chowder. You could tell the clams were authentic because they still had a little sand in them. It still had a delicious creaminess without the dairy.

Mom made dinner later of adobo (Filipino chicken dish with potatoes and vinegar, stinky but delicious), green beans, squash, watermelon, pineapple sprinkled with salt, and rice. We ate outside in the front. Afterwards, we made a fire in the fire pit using my mom's old tax return stuff as kindling. Aidan had lots of fun reading the amounts on the checks before throwing them in the fire. We roasted a few marshmallows. Then we played charades. My mom and the kids really got into it.