Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cedar Breaks Junior Rangers

June 20, 2011

Today we went to Cedar Breaks to look at the view of all the beautiful red stone that has been sculpted by erosion. Aidan and Ian were sworn in as Jr. Rangers after completing several activities in a manual. Emma opted not to become a Jr. Ranger, but to make ice cubes out of snow. John let me borrow one of his lenses and I shot a ton of pictures.

We went into Cedar Breaks town proper to buy some sweats for Ian and I, to eat lunch, and do a little grocery shopping. We were going to eat at Sizzler, but there was a terrible car accident and we were unable to cross the street. We ate at Gandolfo’s Deli instead. Collin and I used to eat there a lot when we were in college. I always order the Godfather (hot breaded chicken cutlet, tomatoes, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, butter, salt and pepper on a white roll). Collin ordered the Urban Cowboy (chicken, turkey, pepper jack cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce). Emma and Ian split a meatball sub. 

John bought cinnamon rolls and bread from Great Harvest Bread Company. The cinnamon rolls were good, but don’t even come close to the ones from The Donut Shop in Sepulpa, OK. After buying groceries, we tried to find some pants for Ian and I, but right when we were about to check out, Aidan threw up in the middle of the floor! Collin hustled him off to the bathroom and I informed some employees that cleanup was needed on aisle 9. Collin was so mortified that we left the store without the pants!

We rendezvoused with Collin’s mom, sister and her kids, and Katy’s kids in Parawon, UT. What a joyous reunion was had across from the T/A truck stop. Everyone was hugging, smiling, and laughing. Emma was so happy to see grammy that she cried. The kids started running around in a field together while we waited for the cars to get filled with gas. We headed to the cabin in our little caravan of three.

Once we hit the cabin, the kids went crazy playing with toys and each other. It was really chaotic, but tons of fun for the kids. After dinner the kids played hide and go seek in the dark. Then the boys got in their bunks and the girls got in their bunks and aside from the littlest cousin crying and wanting to go home, all was peaceful.