Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney's The Little Mermaid, the Musical

June 22, 2011

April, Kirsten, Ollie, Lily, Charlotte, Kendall, and Gage took off for St. George around noon to shop at the outlet stores, grab some lunch, and play at the water park. Collin, the kids, and I stayed home and cleaned cabin. April offered to pay the kids $10 each to do a list of chores. Afterwards we let them play in the water park:

Hidden Valley Park
3505 South Barcelona Dr.
St. George, UT

Their baby cousins were running around naked while they wore bathing suits. They all thought it was really funny when they sat on top of the water spouts. 

We dried them off and went to:

127 Red Cliffs Drive
St. George, UT 84790
(801) 637-4464

Chuck-O-Rama is  a great restaurant to take a big crowd, especially if you like fried food and meat. There were also some healthy options like salad and fruit, but most of it was comfort food. The rolls and fried scones were really yeasty and soft. The salad bar had regular salad stuff and then some mayonaisey salads with pasta or potatoes. There was a meat board with roast ham and turkey. You could get scalloped potatoes, kielbasa, Jell-O, cinnamon pull-apart bread, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, sweet and sour chicken, cornbread, etc., The dessert bar had soft serve frozen yogurt with toppings, pumpkin roll, brownies, black forest cake, berry topped white cake, rice pudding, bread pudding, peach cobbler, apple crisp, yellow cake with raspberries topping, and rocky road cake. The rocky road cake was my favorite dessert. It was served warm so the marshmallows with nice and gooey and the cake was dense and moist.

I wouldn’t normally choose a greasy, all-you-can-eat buffet, but it was perfect for our group of 6 adults and 12 kids. Everyone found something they could eat and the buffet price goes by age. It was a little chaotic to be constantly getting up to fill plates and get drinks and wipe gooey faces.

Our next stop was:

Tuacahn Ampitheater and Center for the Arts
1100 Tuacahn Drive
Ivins, UT 84738
(435) 652-3200

to see the Disney’s the Little Mermaid, the Musical. The setting was absolutely gorgeous with the red rock cliff wall behind the stage and a waterfall flowing behind it. At the beginning of the play, the waterfall flowed onto the stage and flooded it as Prince Eric’s ship came into view.  All the actors that were supposed to be sea creatures were wearing metal Heely’s to make it look as if they were gliding through the water. All the mermaids had tails from below their waists down to their bottoms and sticking out behind them. They had black skirts on to cover their legs. Scuttle flew across the stage by way of wires and crashed into a cliff face, the stage crew fired a feather cannon onto the stage. Flotsam and Jestsam were my favorite characters. The eels had lights on their arms and tails. Some extra eels glided onto the flooded stage on longboards.

There were a few changes to the story that deviated from the 1989 movie version. Ariel got her beautiful voice from her dead mother who was killed by Ursula who is King Triton’s sister. When Poesidon died, he gave his trident to his son, Triton, and his magic shell to his daughter, Ursula. Also, when they killed Ursula, there wasn’t this great battle, Ariel just stole the trident from her and stabbed her and threw her magic shell in a hole. When Ariel is on land and mute, she can sing out her thoughts if no one else is around. There were a lot new songs, most of which I liked.

They used some kind of cool effects. There was a rain curtain that they projected images onto like a rolling surf or bubbles. They set off fire works after the show and used some fireworks to symbolize lightening striking the mast of the ship. Ursula was on some sort of scooter or peddled device on wheels.

My favorite line from the play was when King Triton said, “As long as you live under my reef, you’ll follow my rules!”

Eric didn’t look anything like the Eric in the movie and he was not really leading man material in the looks department. He was a good actor and had a great singing voice. When he first started singing, Emma leaned over and whispered, “No offense to anyone, but I think Prince Eric is pretty UGLY.”

There was a part when Ariel and her father were hugging and saying goodbye to each other. Emma started crying (and so did I).